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S. Goryachev signed with Ural Great

This week Ural Great signed shooting guard Sergey Goryachev (23 years old, 198 cm) who previously played in Spartak Primorie. In his interview Sergey told us about himself:

I was born in Beloretsk, Bashkortostan but started playing basketball in Magnitogorsk. There I played first for Universitet 2 (from 2000) and for Metallurg Universitet (from 2002). The 2006-2007 season I spent in Vladivostok. This summer I had several offers including the one to stay in Vladivostok but Perm attracted me most. From the 12th to 20th of August I had try-out with Ural Great at the end of which I received an offer to sign the contract. I talked to my agent, we discussed the terms and so next season I will play in Ural Great.

Question: Why?
Answer: I have serious plans for my future. Ural Great is the best option for me at this stage. I wish to do my best, have more playing time than I had in Vladivostok. The big advantage of Ural Great is their participation in the EuroCup. The more games, the more playing time I may receive, the more opportunities for me to show the best of what I can. Moreover I had a chance to get to know almost all the players of Ural Great, they are very good guys. I easily found common grounds with Vanja Plisnic. The other foreign players are also very open friendly people.

Q: When will you join practices with the main team?
A: It was planned first that I should go to Slovenian camp of the team but there were some problems with the documents. Sergey Belov agreed that I can practice with Metallurg Universitet in Magnitogorsk until the team gets back to Perm.

Q: What basketball do you play?
A: I am a shooting guard, it is my favourite position. I like to drive to the basket. One of my other advantages is that I play every ball up to the end, always look for rebound if my shot misses. Perhaps that is why the head coach of Spartak Primorie Sergey Babkov several times put me play at position 4. But frankly speaking I did not feel comfortable playing at the front line.
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