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A.Zozulin: together with the team

Early this week Alexey Zozulin arrived to Rogla and joined our team. The player was late for the preseason camp because of the injury he got in the World university games in Bangkok.

Before he went to Slovenia Alexey gave a brief interview for our website: I was injured in the first game of the tournament vs Finnish NT. In the second minute of the game I got an elbow stroke against my nose by one of the Finnish players. There was not any malicious intent of him, just a usual game episode. I tried to reach the ball to pass it to my teammate, the Finnish player tried to catch this ball too. He did not see me and so that is how we clashed. I had a nose bleeding but was back into the game in the second quarter already. Next day I felt sick, had fever and my nose swelled. I played the tournament up to its end and immediately on my arrival to Russia I had a surgery. That is why I had to delay in Perm for about a week.

Question: This delay may prevent you finding good shape by the beginning of the season.
Answer: I could not practice at my full strength but nevertheless I did weightlifting and shooting drills regularly. I hoped to arrive from the national team in good shape but it came out vice versa. Still I believe I have enough time to get my shape.

Q: What do you expect from the forthcoming season?
A: I want to perform better than in the last season. We have to qualify to the playoffs of the Russian Superleague and to the Final Four of the FIBA EuroCup.

Q: Did you receive other job offers this summer?
A: Yes, I did. But I did not want to leave Perm. First, I have a valid contract with Ural Great. Second, I want to prove that the last season was a disappointing misfortune. We can play good basketball, win the games and bring joy to our fans.

Q: What do you see the forthcoming domestic championship?
A: Intriguing. Even more clubs will be challenging places in the playoffs. The teams are getting stronger, you never can be sure about any game result.

Q: Even about the game vs Enisey Krasnoyarsk?
A: Yes, I would not predict the result of this game too. Head coach of Enisey Vladimir Petrokovskiy was in the coaching staff of our team in the University games. He finished his players career in Krasnoyarsk and has been coaching this team for five years already. He said that the Superleague is new to them, they will have to learn a lot. But they are not going to give up their games to anybody.

Q: What transfer has been the famous remarkable for you this summer?
A: CSKA signing Siskauskas from Panatinaikos. This Lithuanian is the strongest small forward in Europe.

Q: So he is your immediate counterpart on the basketball court.
A: Yes. It would be very interesting to play vs. Siskauskas. But I can play also positions 2 and 1.

Q: What position is the most optimal for you?
A: I like fast game.
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