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First woman referee in Perm

Kati Nynas

This week Ural Great played FIBA EuroCup game vs Olympias Patras (Greece). One of the referees in this game was Kati Nynas from Finland. It was the first time in history of Ural Great that a woman was nominated to the refereeing crew. We asked Kati a few questions:

Question: How did you become a basketball referee?
Answer: I played basketball ten years. I was a player in three different clubs, was even named a candidate to the national team but unfortunately did not have a chance play for it. After I finished my players career I decided to stay in basketball and so I am a referee.

Q: What do your relatives say when you work as a referee in mens teams competitions?
A: My husband was a basketball coach. He supports me a lot now. He is the one to encourage me saying that if I like basketball I need to stay in the game.

Q: What is the players reaction towards you in the game?
A: There is no big difference between being a referee in womens or mens games. The way players react to referees depends on the game and on the players individual character. A woman referee is not something special in Finland as we have two women-referees who work in mens competitions.

A referees job in Russia is considered to be nervous and tough. Thats why many people have questions when they see a woman in this job.
A: Yes, one has to know how to hold your nerves under control in the game. It is tough sometimes for me too as I am a temperamental person. But as I grow older it becomes easier for me to control myself and stay calm whatever happens on the court.

Q: What do you do when you dont work as a basketball referee?
A: I am a sales manager in a company selling medical equipment in Finland.

Q: What do the Finnish fans say when they do not agree with your decisions on the court?
A: I am used to not listen to them. They always say something when they disagree with the referees but I must do my job well and it does not matter what the other people think.

Q: Have you ever being discriminated for the reason that you are woman referee?
A: I never felt bad discrimination towards me. Before the game starts some coaches or players may doubt when they see a woman referee. But after the game they come and thank me for well-done professional job.

Q: What were the most important games you worked in?
A: The most important game for me is always the next one I have to work in.

Q: You are the first woman referee who came to the game of Ural Great in Perm. How do you feel about that?
A: This is an honour for me. Actually I feel a bit surprised by such attention. Women referees is Europe are usual thing, they work in different mens competitions.

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